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Penny Palace

Monday, June 10, 2013

More than Words

When you are speaking with someone are you hearing their words or their meaning?
Are you really understanding what they are trying to convey to you?

This morning as Doc and I were in the bathroom preparing for the day, we had two humorous moments.

At one point Doc said, “I’m glad you are built like a rhinoceros versus a gazelle”.  Some women may have taken that as a rude comment and thought: “I’m heavy, ugly, fat, unappealing, etc. to him.”  That could result in negative feelings about themselves. 

Instead, I laughed saying “Thank You Sweetheart, I’ll be your Rhino”.  I KNEW his meaning versus hearing his words.  What he was meaning was, “You are built like me.  We fit together well  You are solid.  I can count on you.  You don’t care about the latest fashions and trends.  Your strength is what matters.”

Then I said, “But I am still heartbroken over Sasha’s Trip being cancelled. Perhaps today I will do what some women do. Perhaps I should go shopping. Buy some new clothes and some 4” high heeled shoes.”  Doc replied, “You might get really hurt if you dared to do that”! Some women might hear those words as a threat.  That there might be serious consequences for spending money on a wild shopping spree.  I burst out laughing saying, “You are correct!  I can barely walk in flat shoes, let alone high heeled shoes!”  Just the mental image of me trying to walk in high heels had both of us laughing.  I would be Doc’s little Rhino in High Heels! 

Lesson for today:  It’s More than Words.
Strive to understand the Deeper Meaning of what your ears are hearing.

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