Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Friday, December 29, 2023

Luckee Dog


Hi Penny Pals-

It's me -- Bailey!


To my Frends across dee United States and in udder Kuntries - TANK You fur dee loving notes and stuffed toy you sent me.  I appreciate my toy and often sleep with it because it represents all your love.  It's trulee amazing how just a few weeks ago I was a discarded lonely little soul and now I have frends around dee world!  What a miracle!

It has bin six weeks sinz I flew to Atlanta.  Shur glad I am not freezing in dat walnut orchard in California.  Mommee Michelle is reely nice and spoils me.  Uncle Dennis and Aunt Suzie were in California and helped me git to dis new home.  Day come over periodically to visit me 'cause day luv me too. 

I like dat Thanksgiving Day stuff.  Lots of food and family.  Turkee meat prepared for me shur beats scrounging for scraps in trashcans and around farms.


I got a brand new deluxe wire enclosur. (Maybee because I chewed out of the first one?)  I don't believe it was because I was good.  I tink it's because I've been naughty.  Mommee seems to get upset when I pee or poop on her sofas or INSIDE the house.  She pees inside the house, so why can't I? Not fair!


I was not too excited about my Christmas gift -- surgery for a hysterectomy and microchipping.  Momme spent a lot of bucks on that.  It wood have been much cheeper and I wood have been jest fine with a new toy or chew stick.





Tankfulee my Aunt and Uncle brought me a stocking full of goodies.











Everee kid likes to hear bedtime stories. Mommee does not need to read me make believe stories 'cause she has been an active firefighter here in Atlanta for 25 years!  She has received many awards, is now a Fire Chief, and has plentee of exciting stories to tell me.  Doesn't she look impressive in uniform?  I am shur proud to be her fur baby.



It is my New Year’s wish fur each of U dat your household be as full of Luv as mine is.