Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Monday, January 27, 2020

Personal Shoppers

WOW!  It has been nearly one YEAR (3 February 2019) since I wrote the last “Tale from the Penny Palace”.  That is really difficult to believe.  Almost EVERY day there is a “miracle” or “lesson to be learned”.  Miracles are all around us.  Here is a recent example ….

Last Friday night Doc was hollering from the kitchen.  I thought he was yelling “Blood, blood!”  I ran to find water flowing through the kitchen.  He was yelling “Flood, flood!”  The song “Surfing USA” came to mind, but it was not funny at the time.

The ice maker on our freezer had once again malfunctioned. After shutting off the water, Doc and I got out towels and the wet/dry vacuum to clean up the mess.  The fridge was only 16+ years old and was working just fine – except for that ice maker.  We had already replaced it once, replaced the door handle, the other handle was cracked, and the rubber gaskets around the doors were cracked and had slipped out of place.  Perhaps it was time for a new fridge.

I went on line to search for a new fridge.  Criteria:  White, Bottom Freezer, at least 20 cf, reasonably priced and no fancy add ons!  The search resulted in only 1-2 models in each of the major appliance stores!  

At our first stop the sales rep said, "You want WHITE???  I only sell MAYBE one of those a month!"  Default is Stainless Steel, then black.  If you want white it will take 3-4 weeks and cost extra!  WHAT?!?!?  You’ve gotta be kidding, right?

Next Doc and I went to Sears.  We found a model which was acceptable.  "You want WHITE?  Sorry, at this time it is not available in white."  White is evidently no longer in fashion.  I don't want fashion!  I want a basic, inexpensive, cold box with no frills!

I was growing frustrated so I asked for some Divine guidance in this decision.  “Dear God, I am ready to give up, Please Help, Thanks”.

The sales rep said, "We could get this model in Bisque."  Bisque?!?!  You're kidding!  I’ve never seen a fridge in Bisque (Crème).  My kitchen sink, cabinets, tiles, etc. are all in cremes and such.  The old white fridge didn't blend well, but it was better than black or stainless.  Bisque should be just perfect!

Doc was skeptical about getting the Bisque color, but I felt "led" to get it.
AND ... we could get it in 2 days AND for $100 LESS than the white model!

The fridge arrived today.  The color blends in REALLY well!  (Doc even had to admit that).

Today’s Lesson: Do you need a specialty item?  Call upon your DIVINE Personal Shoppers. They are likely to surprise you with their findings.