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Penny Palace

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

It's A Wonderful Life for Bailey

 Hi Penny Pals-

Last week I wrote to you about a little abandoned doggie which Doc and I met on a walnut farm at an Airbnb in Tracy, CA.  It was amazing how many people were touched by that story.  There are a lot of kind-hearted dog lovers in this group.


This morning I mailed a package to Little One at her new home in Atlanta.  The package contained a stuffed toy and a Love Letter -- a compilation of your comments. (Attached if any of you want to read that).


Are you anxious to hear what has happened to the Little One in the past week?  It is Wonderful!




Last Wednesday morning (one week ago) Doc and I kissed the little doggie goodbye and left her in the care of her new human mommy, Michelle.  That afternoon she was taken to the vet to check on her condition.  


For the next few days Little One was bathed, pampered, fed, and loved.  It turns out Michelle's Brother Dennis and Sister-in-Law Luzie were traveling with Michelle, so Little One quickly won over all their hearts.


Little One obtained her Travel Carrier, Certificate of Health (required 'boarding' pass for her) and her ticket for Delta.  She was Ready to Fly!


The new family has given Little One the name Bailey because "We initially saw her sleeping on a bail of hay.  (Bail-Hay) = Bailey"


Late Monday evening the Family flew from Sacramento to Atlanta.  Bailey evidently was quite a good passenger.  She arrived in her new abode around 7 a.m. Tuesday and was quick to settle in to her new surroundings.




Hi Folks-


It's me, Bailey.  Mommy has gone to werk 2day, so I hav sum tym to tank all of U.  

Ms. Tina sed you all has bin sending your luv and bin Celebrating dat I got a familee now!

Last Wednesday (1 week ago), I kissed Ms. Tina and Mr. Doc goodbye.  Day helped me connect wid my new mommy Michelle. 

Dat day Mommy Michelle tuk me to de vet.  Dat was not so fun.  De vet sed I had 2 much sun expsur and I needed sum good feedin.  No Kidding!  I could have told dem dat and saved dem de medical fees.


For de next few days, I got to know Mommy Michelle, Uncle Dennis and Aunt Luzie.  Uncle Dennis has a real nice lap to keep me comfortable and warm.


On Sunday I got a bath, then wee went fur a car ride to meet my new Grandmother.  That was fun.


Monday night wee went to an airport.  I had no idea what dat was.  I was put in a soft carrier thingy.  Luckily I am kinda cute, so it was OK when I would peek out now and then.






Den wee went in dis big tube where der wer lots of people all crammed togeder.  My Mommy Michelle held me and Aunt Suzie sat next to me, so I was not afraid.




Day said we were flying from Sacramento to my new home in Atlanta.  Dis is what I saw when we arrived around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning.  Beautiful Fall leaves everywhere!


An hour later Mommy had to leave for werk.  I had lots of new things to explore.  By the time Mommy came home at lunchtime to check on me, I had established the front porch, front yard and big sofa as MY territory.  Der is a fence around de yard, so now I don't need to worry about coyotes attacking me.





When Mommy came home from werk she was pretty tired so I let her lie down on my sofa wid me.  Dat was nice snuggle time.




I tink I am going to like dis new place.

It's gonna be A Wonderful Life






Thursday, November 9, 2023

Happy Tail

This story is for all of you who like Happy Tales ... and Wagging Tails.  Dog Lovers will "get it".  Others won't or will question my sanity.


It's a long story, so read it when you have a few minutes to really savor it and enJOY the details leading to the conclusion. (Great bedtime story).  It would not be as "Miraculous" if I just jumped to the Conclusion immediately.





This past weekend Doc and I drove the 370 miles to the Sacramento area in order to spend time with his brother.  I booked three nights at an AirBnB cottage because it was less expensive than the typical motel and I thought a farm stay might be more fun.




Sunday Doc and I were sent driving directions to the Farm as well as instructions "not to feed or pet the abandoned dog" we might encounter.  Sure enough, when we arrived, this little soul was there to greet us.  It was very skittish, but yet excited to have visitors.  I obeyed instructions and did not feed or try to touch the little one.



Monday Morning Doc and I were greeted with the bleating of goats rather than an alarm clock.  That was fun.  As I exited the cottage, the little doggie came flying across the field just bounding with joy!  It was difficult to refrain from petting it or feeding the obviously hungry little thing.


Late Monday evening the doggie was there to greet us when we returned to the Cottage.  So difficult to resist the cuteness.  It just needed some love -- and food!  The sound of coyotes in the distance was not comforting.



Tuesday morning I was again greeted by the little ball of joy when I emerged from the Cottage. Heartbreaking to realize that someone had probably dumped it.  


Tuesday evening Doc and I met the Farm Hosts.  They said they have seen many animals dumped in their area.  I told them how loving this little doggie seemed to be.  The hosts gave me the go ahead to feed it and pet it!!!  Doc and I immediately went to a store and bought some dog food. Yippee!


When I set down a container of food for the little doggie, it warily grabbed the container and ran off to devour it near where its friends the goats were.  Then it came back.  It let me pet it and do some belly rubs!  It was a SHE.   


Our hosts had mentioned that the lady in the other Cottage was also wanting to feed and pet the doggie. Yay!  Another dog lover.




Wednesday morning I fed the little doggie, then stroked her and said prayers over her asking for God's protection of her and that somehow she would find the love and family she deserved.  I had tears as I left her.  I left the remaining dog food at the door of the other cottage in hopes that the guests there might get the hint and feed the little fur ball.


The woman next door came out while on a phone call and yelled, "Thanks!  We got the food!"  I felt compelled to venture over and speak with her.  We spoke of the doggie’s sweet spirit and desire to be loved.  She asked if I could take it home?  I asked if SHE could take it home?  Unfortunately she lives in Atlanta Georgia.  However ... she had already casually checked airline prices to transport a little doggie!!!  WHAT?!?!  I had just sent a prayer a few minutes earlier for the little soul to find a "Forever Home."  Could this really be an answer to that prayer?  It seemed impossible.  It would take a miracle or two to make all this happen.


The woman and I continued talking.  In addition to a plane ticket, the doggie would require a vet check, shots, a bath, leash and collar, a transport cage, and more.  That would cost hundreds of dollars.  Plus the woman had only one more week remaining on her vacation so she would need to scramble to make all this happen. 


The woman was unsure what to do.  It is a 10-15 year commitment as well as a considerable expense to adopt a fur baby.  It should not be an impulse decision.   Suddenly I blurted, "If I pitched in $xxx would that help in making your decision?"  She laughed!!!!  Evidently, she had been thinking of making that same offer to any other persons/guests on the farm if THEY would adopt the little pup.

I provided the woman with my contact information and asked her for hers.  She wrote "Michelle ...... on Woodland ... in Atlanta"  No way!  Do you recall the recent Gnome Home story I sent you?  The tenants who seem to be an answer to our prayers?  That "perfect tenant" is named Michelle - on Woodland Drive!  Is that another coincidence?  Answer to prayer?  Godwink?  It appeared that God was confirming that the little doggie was meant to go to a new home with Michelle in Georgia!



I had tears as Doc and I drove away.  Tears of JOY knowing the little doggie might have a new home and tears of sadness knowing I would probably never see her again.


It was a long drive home for Doc and me.  The final hours were in stop and go traffic, but my heart was soaring!  Michelle kept sending photos.  Doggie in the car on the way to the vet.  Doggie getting weighed in at the vet.  Doggie going back to the cottage.  Doggie getting a bath.  Doggie snuggling with her new family at bedtime.  


Infinite JOY!




Conclusion: God cares about every creature and can make the seemingly impossible POSSIBLE!