Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Sunday, November 29, 2020

New Tools / Taking Action

 Tools for working on household projects are analogous to tools to work on our lives.  Buying the tools is the easy part.  (We each have been given unique tools/talents).  However, it is one thing to own the tools, it’s another thing to know how to use them.  Today Doc and I continued working on the repair of our wood fence which was damaged in the recent windstorm.  I used a regular bit instead of an impact bit to put in the first screw.  I did not know the difference.  Ruined that bit on the very first usage!

I would contend that over the centuries numerous books have been written to serve as “instruction manuals” for us to study and employ in our daily lives.  Reading those helpful manuals hopefully will help us avoid too many “screw ups” and make our jobs easier.  But even after reading the instruction books, we need to Take Action! 


Getting motivated to actually do something with our tools (talents) takes effort.   Very much like a piece of exercise equipment.  It’s one thing to have it inside your house, another thing to know how to use it (for more than hanging laundry on it) and then there is the difficult part – getting motivated to actually use it on a regular basis.


How gratifying to see such progress when we use the tools (skills/talents) which each of us have been given to make things better for people around us.



This month Home Depot has been having a tool sale.  Doc was like a kid in a candy shop when he saw all the displays.  He wanted the circular saw, the drill, the impact driver, the chain saw ….  Doc said since it was my birthday, I REALLY NEEDED some tools.   LOL.  See the scrapbook page I made to tell the story.


I know of women who would prefer the $$ be spent on jewelry, shoes, clothing, etc.  As for me, I’ll take the tools!  No-Brainer!


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Building with LOVE

Doc asked what I wanted to do today for my birthday.  I said I wanted to finish our Front Yard Display.  The latest theme is “Constructing a New Normal”.  

As we conclude 2020, it’s a time to reflect on the desired aspects of our New Year.  A few features might include:  Joy, Trust, Faith, Hope and LOVE.


Doc and I had put up most of the display a few weeks ago.  Then the hurricane-force winds hit.  Who knows where some of those pieces are by now?  I had to order some new signs and re-build.  



The Sad News:  It was heartbreaking to watch three magnificent trees toppling over.  Plus they crushed the wood fence we had just rebuilt and finished the prior day!  The Good News: The blown over trees and damaged fence sure added “reality” to the Construction Themed display.  





Food for Thought:  What features would YOU like to see in your 2021 “New Normal”?  What will YOU Create?





Friday, November 13, 2020

Ice Cream Social

 Tonight was fantastic!

Activities such as these were the intent/objective when building the Penny Palace.


Six kids (ranging from 4-17)  were here along with mom and dad.  A few hours of fun, joy, learning.  Topics included: Charity, Being Thankful, Investing, Ice Cream, Elves, Solar Cars, Aussie Flora and Fauna, Math, and so much more!


Before leaving, the kids were each asked what they liked most or what they learned this evening.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Each of them had been given $50 cash, yet none of them mentioned the money as one of their top 3 things!!!!  That, in itself was eye opening for everyone at the table -- money is not really what is important.  Important was giving, being grateful, etc.


I am still high on the "Good Vibrations".  This was one more event adding JOY value to the Penny Palace.