Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Top Dog

There have been numerous inquiries as to how the fur babies are doing in their new home.  A few months ago they were rescued just hours before being taken to the kill room.  They went from being expendable life forms to being Princesses at the Penny Palace!  
Here’s what they have to say:

Hi Folks-

It’s mee, Liesel (Top Dog).  Can U beleev it has bin 6 weeks since we arrived at dee Penny Palace!  Sorree we haven’t written sooner.  We bin reel bizee trying to learn so much! 

Momee seez we are her full-time job now.  It’s taken her 5 weeks to convince mee to pee where SHE wants me to (out in the yard) versus where I want to go.  Sheila is a goody-two shoes and learned dat pretty fast.  Momee also duz not like it when I get up on dee kitchen counters or run at full speed hurling myself at her.  I am jest trying to knock her down a little so that we can see tings eye-to-eye.  Sometimes I just fly straight into the air like a helicopter and kiss Momee’s nose so den I can look her in dee eyes.

It’s Sheila here.  Liesel always duz dee takin’ . She just can not ever sit still or stop moving (veree much like Mommee).  I figure dat I shud say hello now and again.  I am lovin dis place.  Wee hav so manee toys and at least one bed in every room, our own sofa for daytime naps, plentee of food and pritee flowers in dee yard. I like to sit by dee window and watch dee ground squirrels and birds outside.  If der is any noise or movement anywhere on the grounds, I let Everybody in the house no about it – and the neighbors so they can protect their houses too.
Sheila as Top Dog on Daddee

My job is mostly takin’ care of Mr. Doc.  He NEEDS a personal assistant to help him wid drinking his coffee, takin’ his naps, watching TV in dee recliner each night.  So I have much werk to do.  He carries me around wid one arm.  Dat helps him from getting too overworked.

Mr. Doc tinks I am an Angel (except maybe dee time I ate his dinner salad from his plate on the coffee table).  I have him soooo fooled!   I am sweet to him, but I enjoy ripping apart any stuffed toys or my sister.  I lurk behind furniture, doors and corners so dat when Liesel passes close by, I can grab into her legs, lips, ears, or any other parts.  If she runs away, I run after her and tackle her.  If she runs after me, I scurry under some low furniture where she can’t get me!

Dundee as Top Dog on the Dog Sofa
I play hard, but I also like lots of time to sleep.  I don’t want Old Dundee to feel left out, so sumtimes I will lay down next to him.  He usually gives a tiny growl.  I tink he means “OK.  Just don’t hog too much of my bed”.  I tink he likes me as his Sweet Sheila.


Enough chatter from dat little brat! Let me finish off this note to you ‘cause it is Sunday afternoon and I want to PLAY!  Momee wanted to get some werk dun.  I had udder plans.  I showed her who is Top Dog around heer.  (see me in action …)

Later Folks...
I have some mischuf to be making!


Penny Angel Song

You know of my connections with, and appreciation for, the Penny Angels…Here is a beautiful visual narration/song/soldier’s story regarding a very special Penny.

I invite you to take 4 minutes to pause and appreciate the message of this U-Tube video

Remember this message when YOU find a penny.

Sending you love and joy,