Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Monday, August 7, 2017

Aha Moment

Have you ever spent days searching for something around your house?  You KNOW it’s there – somewhere.  That was my situation for the past week.  I had been searching for my four foot folding table.  I searched every room, closets, both garages, the loft, the dungeon and any place else I could think of.  I searched some of those several times.  The table seemed to be nowhere in this house. (Or perhaps my eyes were just not seeing it).

Yesterday I finally gave up and muttered, “Hello Angels.  I have been unable to find this table on my own; I am asking for YOUR help.  Please open my eyes to help me see the table”. 

A few hours later, I was tucking Liesel and Sheila in their cages next to our bed.  As usual, I tossed them their treats.  One of the treats went astray and I had to reach to get it.  I came up short and bumped my head on the table over the doggie beds.  THE Table!  AHA!  There it is!  The angels actually knocked me on the head to show it to me!   LOL