Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Monday, November 19, 2018

Surprise Guests

Yesterday and this morning I asked the Powers That Be if there was anyone else who needed to see and hear about the Penny Palace?  (Doc and I did a few house tours earlier this month).

When Doc and I arrived home around Noon today, there was a lady walking past the house.  Conversation with her led to she (along with her husband) coming to the Penny Palace next week.  Should be fun!

This evening around 6 p.m. there was a knock at the front door.  I was working on several projects and did NOT want to be interrupted.  I figured it was likely a package delivery.  I would retrieve the parcel and be back to work in a few moments.

I was wrong.  At the door was a young lady on a work/scholarship program.  I invited her to come inside to the Grand Room where we spent two hours talking about life, Nudgings, near death experiences, recovery from being in a coma, growing up in the inner city, and dozens of other topics.  

After the first hour, Doc was giving me those non-verbal questions from across the room.  “What is going on?  Who is this person?  What about dinner…?”  I gave him “The Look”  (Which means “Go away, don’t bug me, will explain later”.  LOL)

Crystal really liked the Thankfulness Tree and the doggies.  It appeared the Penny Palace and Angel Stories really touched her deeply.  YES, she needed to be here tonight.

Keep asking “how can I make a difference today?”

You just never know how your question will be answered ....  

Friday, November 9, 2018


WOW!  It’s been six months since the last posting.  Time sure flies!

Some of you are on the Penny Tales List as well as this Tales from the Penny Palace Post.  You saw the land when it was bare (except for the weeds).  You saw the house day by day as it was being constructed.  You saw the move in and the House Blessing (May 2012), then the Open House Celebrations (Oct 2012).

Bare Land

Ground Breaking - Valentine's Day 2011

Flooring and Drain Lines

Rev. Roger Blessing the House

It has now been 6.5 years that Doc, doggies and I have been living in the Penny Palace.  During that time, the COINcidence stories have touched many, many people.  The Penny Palace has hosted visitors from around the world.  Each of them has left their “imprint” on the energy field of the home.

In just this past week, the PP has hosted four different tours! Guests ranged in ages from 2-80+, came from numerous countries, were of various ethnicities, and represented very diverse occupations.


Right now the Penny Palace is the most beautiful it has ever been.  Sure wish you could be here and see if for yourself.  There are Fall decorations at the mailbox, driveway and leading to the front door.  Once inside, there are garlands trailing on the spiral staircase and upstairs railing.  Autumn decor peeks from every corner and complements the color scheme of the house.  The fireplace is inviting (despite the 80 degree temperatures last week). The Thankfulness Tree stands tall to remind us of all the things for which we should be grateful. 

This is truly a very special place.  THANK YOU for your part in it. 

Here are a few photos to help you feel as though you are here...


Meander Up to the Front Door
Go Ahead and Knock

So Happy to See You.  Happy Tales!

Looking North

Looking West

Get Cozy by the Fire and the Thankfulness Tree

Hope You Enjoyed Your Visit

Note:  To the active Penny Finders out there, this is Day #484 of consecutive Coin Finding.  Getting close to that 500 mark again!