Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Reiki, Readings, and Refreshments!
For those readers who were part of the building process of the Penny Palace, you already know how special this place is.  It is much more than a “house”.  The Penny Palace has Purpose: to teach, to shelter, to link people …

Yesterday the Penny Palace was the venue for a teaching workshop.  It was a wonderful experience which connected both old and new friends.

Mandy and Doggies Seeking Shelter
Tonight the Penny Palace is providing shelter for unexpected guests.  This afternoon friend Mandy (who lives at Mt. Baldy) called to say flash floods had just devastated their mountain neighborhood.  She, fiancĂ©e Kyle, and doggies had hiked away from their home with some backpacks and were calling from a local restaurant.  Their cars were hip-high in mud and blocked by their landlord’s car which was totally drowned in mud.  Their street was impassable and it could be a few days until crews could dig them out.

Approximately 9 p.m. Doc and I headed out to see if we could retrieve Mandy and Family. They could not stay at the restaurant overnight.  The road was closed at the base of the mountain.  Police were only allowing residents through.  We explained, showed Mandy’s text message telling us her location and asking if we could come get her, then prayed.  Eventually the police guard let us through saying, “I am making a Huge Exception here”.  Thank You Angels!

We seemed to be the only car going up the mountain.
As we headed up the road, the obstacles and debris kept increasing in magnitude.  Our mini-van would not be able to hurdle the logs and rocks.  We needed a miracle to get through.  Our ‘Angel’ came in the form of a Front Loader.  It appeared just in front of us and cleared the road until we got to our destination. The downhill side of the road was still covered in debris and we assumed we would need to use the cleared lane (in the wrong lane) to traverse back down the mountain.  Not the case.  By the time we left, the downhill side of the road had been cleared as well!  Thank You Angels!

Doc and I retrieved Mandy and Doggies while Kyle stayed to assist neighbors.  We took doggies to the Penny Palace and left Doc to “canine sit”.  Mandy’s parents came from their home in the High Dessert to fetch the Granddogs.  They are available to dog-sit for the next week (not on travel).  Thank You Angels!

Getting Car Keys and Borrowed Wheels
Mandy and I headed down the freeway to Anaheim (about an hour’s drive).  Kyle’s parents had agreed to meet us halfway from their house in order to loan Mandy and Kyle a vehicle.  Turns out Kyle’s parents are leaving tomorrow for several weeks and won’t need that car.  Thank You Angels.

Now with her borrowed set of wheels (and a Luxury car at that!), Mandy headed back up the mountain to fetch Kyle.  I headed to the Penny Palace to prepare their room.  I had just finished the preparations around 1 a.m. when they walked through the front door.  Safe, sound, and a little muddy.  After a nice shower, they were ready for a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow is sure to bring new adventures.

Grateful to the Penny Palace for its ability to teach, inspire, welcome, and comfort guests.