Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Indoor Pond

This afternoon I was working on taxes at the oak table in the Grand Room.  I came to realize the house was unusually quiet.  The dogs and Doc were napping nearby, but none of them were snoring (as they usually do).  There were no sounds from TV, radio, air conditioner or any other devices.  Even the outside winds of the past few days were quiet.  It was almost an eerie quiet.

Then I heard the faintest of sounds.  I figured it was probably the gardeners or the sprinklers next door.  I didn’t think much of it and continued to focus on my work.  But there was “that nudging…”  The sound was so minimal, that I walked quietly and almost tiptoed to investigate it.  Eeks!  There was a pond of water on the Aussie bathroom floor and a spray of water coming from behind the toilet!  I like the TILE stream in that room just fine; I did NOT appreciate having a real one in there!

It’s been a few hours now with the water to the house shut off. I have called for a plumber and have told Doc he can pee on a tree outside until this matter is resolved.  Never a dull day here.

COINcidence that the house should have been so quiet allowing me to hear that faint noise?  Doc had asked me several times to go places and run errands with him this afternoon.  Each time I had refused saying merely that I did not feel like it and just really wanted to stay home today.  COINcidence?

Lesson:  Periodically turn off the “noise” around you so that the important, quiet “nudgings” can be heard.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ampersand Lincoln Penny Print

Chaz DeSimone is a Graphic Artist and Typographer.  His Passion is the Ampersand Sign "&".  Chaz is the designer who gifted us with the wonderful Invitations to the Penny Palace Open House and Celebrations.  So many people commented on how 'perfectly' those invitations captured the many Celebrations Doc and I were wanting to share with each of you.

Chaz created a very special Ampersand print for the Penny Palace.  I have the Original in the Foyer of the Penny Palace.  Today in honor of Lincoln's Birthday, Chaz released that Prepare & Chance print to the public.  Anyone can print their own copy for free.

The story he wrote to go with this print was heartwarming.
Hope it brings you smiles as you reminisce about the past decade of this adventure.