Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Goal Oriented

Doc and I just went out to the driveway for a few minutes to quickly give something to Daughter-in-Law Laura as she passed by. I realized we had left our breakfasts on the table.  OOPS! ....

When we returned to the kitchen, my fork was on my chair and my bowl was on the floor. I had left it with chicken breast and garlic sauce in it.

Doc's plate was still on the table.  (Good thing since it was glass). One side of his plate had fork, knife, and some remaining sauce.  The other side was VERY clean.  Just how did it get that way?

Dundee has a plastic cone on his head, Sheila can't jump very high, so that leaves only ONE guilty candidate....

I scolded Liesel and she sheepishly slinked away.  A few minutes later she was back in the kitchen with her happy, wagging tail.

I told her she was “A Very Bad Dog”!  She looked at me with the cutest face and replied, “I prefer to think of myself as GOAL ORIENTED!

Monday, May 1, 2017


April Showers have brought May Flowers …  A new mailbox display.  A colorful maypole to celebrate the beauty of this new month.

The previous (Tax Time) mailbox display was well received.  People said it made them reflect upon the many blessings we all have.  One reader even posted the Tax Time banner on her Facebook – helping to Spread the Joy!