Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obtaining Results

For the past few days Doc and I have been mulling over two lighting/electrical projects at the Penny Palace and how to best obtain the results we desire.  We obtained a quote from one electrician - for over $2,000! 

Last night while driving home, I asked the Universe for assistance on this issue. When I arrived home, our son Stephen was here and he and Doc had some great (meaning creative and inexpensive) ideas.

Today Doc and I planned to visit Home Depot and look for supplies as well as "Talk to someone there about this".  I told Doc that timing was important.  If we arrived too late on a Friday, there might not be someone to assist us.  

We had several delays, but finally made it to Home Depot.  As we approached the ENTRY door, an energetic couple was EXITING  (wrong door for leaving).  I was surprised.  Then I realized who it was ... Professor  Smith.  He is the Director of the LIGHTING Program at our university!!  He teaches the students and runs training seminars for vendors and installers in the lighting industry.  He is an expert in that field!!!  So, of course, we asked his recommendations for our project.  Another example of MANIFESTING!!!!  COINcidence?

Just keep asking the Universe for Answers. "HOW can XYZ be accomplished?"