Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Decorating Angels

Thanksgiving was Thursday.  It has been Doc’s and my tradition to spend that day quietly together and to have a nice relaxing lunch at a restaurant.  We did that, then walked across the parking lot to get a few groceries at the store.  As I walked in, I spotted a BEAUTIFUL Butterfly balloon which had copper and brown coloring (versus blue, purple, pink, red, etc.)  There was also an attractive pumpkin shaped balloon.  I stood there admiring them and noted them to Doc.  He replied that we did NOT need any more decorations in the house or to spend money on balloons.  I was not really planning on buying them, I was merely stopping to admire them.  I did not think anything more about those.

Friday I spent several hours at my Father’s Hospital Bedside where he is in his final days.  Driving home I was physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.  As Doc and I pulled into the driveway we noticed something on the front doorstep.  I hopped out of the van to see what was there.  At the door were:  the Butterfly Balloon, the Pumpkin Balloon, and a third Thanksgiving Balloon!  The EXACT ones I had seen the previous day.  In addition, there were TEN table centerpieces of flowers in Mason jars!  Talk about Manifesting.  A note from a neighbor said: “I used these items for MY Thanksgiving Dinner and I know you have YOUR Thanksgiving Gathering on Saturday.  Thought you might be able to use these for your function”.


WOW!  When Angelic forces get involved, they do things even better than you could imagine!