Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Friday, March 1, 2024

Leaping Heart

 It is a Leap Year and my heart is Leaping with JOY for all the wonderful people in my life.


A number of you have been checking up on me to see how I am doing after that unexpected ambulance ride to the Emergency Room three weeks ago. Now you are wanting an update!  Pushy, aren't you?


·       Yes, the medical staff found a heart.  

·       Yes, the heart is still functioning.


Summary:  I had a heart attack on Friday, Feb 9th and had a stent installed in one artery which was 100% blocked.  Two weeks later I met with a cardiologist regarding the additional arteries which are 60-70% blocked.  His instructions: "Take your meds, eat healthy, get mild exercise, see you in a year."  



Doc was a bit nervous because we had plans to visit his brother 400 miles away.  Doc asked the cardiologist about restrictions on travel.  "On your car trip, get out and stretch every hour or two".  So we made stretching a priority!  In the 400 mile drive, we had 11 stretching breaks!


·       Stretching at a park

·       Stretching to get snacks from the ice chest in the back seat

·       Stretching at a school

·       Stretching to reach my salad at lunch

·       Stretching to wash the car windshield

·       Stretching to wrap my arms around my brush firefighter nephew.  
I could not EVEN lift his backpack whatsoever.  He made it look easy!

·       Stretching to pick up pennies

·       Stretching to lick BACON ice cream!


As far as our international trip planned for April .... The Cardiologist said: "Just realize that there is no prompt ambulance service when you are up in an airplane!!!"





Thanks for all your love and friendship.