Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cutting the Clutter

Here is the follow up on the “Inspired Idea” from Friday’s Blog on one of the two electrical projects -- I now have remotely activated lighting in the garage.  Cost:  Under $20 in basic materials, plus labor.

This morning when I opened the kitchen knife drawer I was frustrated by the Clutter I saw. So I asked the Universe/Source for assistance in Obtaining Results.  It was neither an important or urgent project.

I went on line and did some brief investigating to see what was readily available (off the shelf) for knife drawer organizers.  There were numerous styles ranging in size, materials and cost.  Most of them seemed to hold fancy, larger knives - and only 10-15.  There were 30 knives tossed in my drawer.  Somehow they have accumulated over the years. (Some probably should be considered disposables).  Grrr ...that meant the job would likely require a custom-made organizer or some other really creative solution.

Later in the morning I went out to the garage.  Figured for the smaller knives I could at least grab one of those 99¢ plastic trays which were laying around in the garage.  I washed the container and put it in the drawer.  Hmmm… the longer knives actually fit if the blades were extended through the slats of the container.  Wow!  And that held the larger knives upright.

Back to the garage for a second bin (I only had two of those).  That worked for the smaller knives.  And a third narrow white bin would hold the miscellaneous knives.  Amazing!  All 30 knives organized in 30 minutes and for free!  (or $3 worth of repurposed containers).  That helped to Cut the Clutter.  Thank You Organizing Angels.