Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Exciting New Project

You KNOW that Doc and I often get involved (or dragged into) some of the most interesting "projects". 

From solar cars to the Garden of Hope, from Penny Palace to racing in Abu Dhabi, there is NEVER a boring day.

This afternoon we were offered a new opportunity in which we are both Honored and Terrified.  We were asked to officiate at a wedding!  (We didn't know "common folk" could do such a thing).

These two "kids" are two of the most talented Engineering Students we had the privilege of working with at Cal Poly Pomona.  We have watched them grow as individuals and as a couple over the past nine years.

Next step:  
Doc and I might need to search all our old textbooks to see if there is an equation we can "plug the words into" to come up with the "Correct Script!"  LOL

Some of you might recognize Andrea Ferris and Kevin Salvini: