Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Building with LOVE

Doc asked what I wanted to do today for my birthday.  I said I wanted to finish our Front Yard Display.  The latest theme is “Constructing a New Normal”.  

As we conclude 2020, it’s a time to reflect on the desired aspects of our New Year.  A few features might include:  Joy, Trust, Faith, Hope and LOVE.


Doc and I had put up most of the display a few weeks ago.  Then the hurricane-force winds hit.  Who knows where some of those pieces are by now?  I had to order some new signs and re-build.  



The Sad News:  It was heartbreaking to watch three magnificent trees toppling over.  Plus they crushed the wood fence we had just rebuilt and finished the prior day!  The Good News: The blown over trees and damaged fence sure added “reality” to the Construction Themed display.  





Food for Thought:  What features would YOU like to see in your 2021 “New Normal”?  What will YOU Create?





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