Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Friday, November 13, 2020

Ice Cream Social

 Tonight was fantastic!

Activities such as these were the intent/objective when building the Penny Palace.


Six kids (ranging from 4-17)  were here along with mom and dad.  A few hours of fun, joy, learning.  Topics included: Charity, Being Thankful, Investing, Ice Cream, Elves, Solar Cars, Aussie Flora and Fauna, Math, and so much more!


Before leaving, the kids were each asked what they liked most or what they learned this evening.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Each of them had been given $50 cash, yet none of them mentioned the money as one of their top 3 things!!!!  That, in itself was eye opening for everyone at the table -- money is not really what is important.  Important was giving, being grateful, etc.


I am still high on the "Good Vibrations".  This was one more event adding JOY value to the Penny Palace.

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