Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Alta Loma Dreaming

This morning Doc and I were working out in the yard.  A vehicle with two passengers flipped a U-Turn and stopped in front of our mailbox.   My honest first thought?  "God. I don't really want to chitchat this morning.  I have one hour of Doc's time out here.  Please don't drag me into something right now....  Can I ignore this?"  The answer came back:  "No".

The two ladies gave me a thumbs up and shouted out the car window. "We agree!  Love your display! We just HAD to turn around and tell you that!"

Of course, I dropped my tools to go talk to them.  Mother and Daughter.  Daughter studying at UC Davis saying she periodically drives through this neighborhood and dreams of having a home similar to this in a neighborhood such as this.  Mom is giving facial expressions like "Yeah Right".

I told them how our son used to drive through this neighborhood saying he wanted to live in this area some day.  He encouraged Doc and me to think about building our dream house in this neighborhood as well.  We did.  Our thoughts -- IMPOSSIBLE!  WAY BEYOND our capabilities!  Most of you know the story .... the Penny Palace exists.  With Divine Assistance, the PENNY PALACE stands as a shining tribute to Manifesting, Prayers, COINcidences, the Laws of Attraction, etc.

This morning was an unexpected encounter of mutual JOY and inspiration.  EVERY day and EVERY Encounter provide opportunities to learn and share.

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