Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Iguana Surgeon

Iggy is the ceramic yard Iguana at the GARDEN of HOPE.  He welcomes people at the front door there.  He was severely injured in what we believe to be an unprovoked attack by a weed whacker.

For weeks I had been seeking solutions as to how to repair Iggy's Face!  A Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon was Needed.  Where do you go for someone with such skills?  Google search results were not at all helpful.

My solution of using a paper mask is in COVID fashion right now, but it was not going to withstand the watering and elements long-term.

I had pretty much given up hope in finding a solution to this problem.  I left it in the hands of the Universe.

Lesson:  Don’t give up Hope.  A solution exists!

Doc and I were hauling wheelbarrow loads of rocks from across the street to our house.  A neighbor Sarah walked past.  She stopped to chat.  She is an Expressive Arts Educator!  
Was it really COINcidence that Sarah should be walking past at the precise time Doc and I were out in the street?   I told her about Iggy and then sent her a photo.  She said she would order some material and when it arrived, she would do her best to reconstruct Iggy’s face.

Today Surgeon Sarah Delivered Iggy

Look at Iggy Now!

 What are the odds of MANIFESTING a cosmetic surgeon for an Iguana?  The Law of Attraction in Action!!!

Do YOU have a challenging situation? 
Where will YOU turn for YOUR answers?  Google?  Wikipedia? Other?


1 comment:

Chaz said...

Well first of all, Tina, I was horrified that a live iguana was all beaten and scratched up...then to my relief it's a statue! I'm not saying it's any less significant, for I had a big beautiful plaster rooster, shiny black body with glorious tail and details in the stood 18 or more inches tall, cock-sure on top of my fridge. Then one day my cat knocked it to the floor (why? how?) and broke off the tip of its beak. Just the very tip, but that was just horrible. I never had it fixed thinking it could never be the same. It still pains me that that happened. I so admired that rooster, a souvenir from the Indiana State Fair.

So Iggy has had what once was all the rage before boob jobs: a nose job. His surgeon is stupendously talented. Dr. Sarah got all the details and color absolutely perfect.

If there was a reason for the nasty weed wacker to attack your pet, it is partially to be able to admire the talents of your compassionate neighbor. The other reason is to bring out the creative genius, oh so timely, of your face mask. LOL!