Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Sunday during their interview and filming, the research team asked how I chose what to write about and what to omit.  I replied that in the days of Consecutive Penny Finding it was pretty easy.  I could write about the coins found each day and any attached messages.  After that point, additional ‘good news’ stories would come up and I would be so full of joy, I would write and share those with others. 

Today I will take a different tactic. I will write about the CRAP in the day.
Warning: This message may contain “offensive content”.

=    Sasha had his interview at 10 p.m. last night our time.  I checked email every few minutes from midnight through this morning awaiting his results.  No sleep.  Grumpy Crap.
=    A worker came to the house to fix a problem at the very same time Sasha was trying to call me with his interview debrief.  Ironically the work was in the Guest Room where Sasha is to have stayed. Frustrating Crap.
=    The installer could not fix the problem. More Crap
=    One dog peed on the Master Bedroom floor.  Wet Crap.
=    Sasha said his visa request had been denied (Details on Sasha’s Journey) .  Super Duper Big Time Heartbreaking Crap
=    Our rental management company said the renters had moved out leaving nearly $4,000 of fix up work to be done.  Costly Crap
=    Doc pointed out a stain on a curtain and when I went to wash it out, the rod failed and needed repair work.  Cheap Crap
=    Doc went outside to water his vegetables and came back into the house with dog poop on his shoes.  Very Smelly Crap
=    By noon I had a headache from all of the above, lack of sleep, and lack of food.  Painful Crap
=    This afternoon I had to get away from the house and computer for a little while.  The door lock on my truck would not open as I tried to get out of the vehicle leaving me momentarily trapped.  Old Crap

And there is more, but you get the gist of the day.  Other than helping me to vent my frustrations, re-hashing the CRAP does not help a whole lot of other people.  So why do that?

Instead: Let’s look at “How Can it get Better Than This?”  
(In today’s case there is huge potential for that).

I have a good, solid foundation upon which to construct a new and better day tomorrow.
=    Doc is a wonderful husband who has been totally supportive of this Sasha project and was up with me most of the night
=    I am healthy
=    I am caretaker of a beautiful home
=    Our two sons are intelligent, healthy, loving, self-sufficient men with wonderful spouses, homes and children
=    I have friends who are ready to assist me in whatever ways they can - from offering prayers and hugs, to punching out the Embassy Officer!  LOL
=    Sasha and I have met some really great new people as a result of this Journey
=    My heart is at peace knowing that I have done my best with all of my projects

The list of things for which to be grateful is endless.

Today’s Lesson: Forget the Crap and Just be Grateful!

Note:  Yesterday I found an incredibly shiny new penny dated 2013.  Sure to be a good year still ahead …

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Unknown said...

Loved this. Keep your chin up Tina, positive energy!! Thinking of you!!