Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action

This morning (yes, a Sunday morning), Attorney Kenneth White called to confirm some details for his letter of support for Sasha.  More about that on the  Sasha Journey Blogsite.  So many people are pulling together for this effort. It is inspiring!

After that, the USC University Research Team arrived and conducted their interviews and filming for two hours.  It made me consider some of the factors, reasons, risks, etc. about writing Penny Tales for all those years and now for the Tales from the Penny Palace.  How does a person scientifically explain “Nudgings”? 

Doc stood in the wings and lovingly encouraged me as I was desperately seeking answers to the questions being asked of me.  I did manage to insert some lines which I hope will make it into the documentary film.  For instance: “It’s the Message, not the Money” when it comes to Penny Finding.

Towel Bars
After dealing with the attorney and then the research team, I was wiped out.  So Doc and I changed into work clothes and FINALLY hung towel holders in the Aussie Bathroom.  I had searched for weeks both on line and in the stores for one.  What I found was either inappropriate in style, dimensions, or practicality.  So this week I decided we would create our own.  I found two paper towel holders (because they were a good length) which we used as the bars.  Doc cut off the feet and then we screwed the bases into the wall cabinet. I just need now to paint the screw heads.  Little steps of progress.  I had hoped to have much more done at the Penny Palace before Sasha’s arrival, but instead the focus has been switched to just getting Sasha here!

And of course, the Penny Finding continues almost every day …
Six pennies at the first grocery store this evening and 2 dimes at the second store.

Today:   8 Coins            P(6), D(2)  = $0.26

May Coin Count:   149 Coins            P(105), N(3), D(20), Q(21) = $8.45
            That is double from April


Chaz DeSimone said...

What do you mean "the penny finding continues almost every day"? ALMOST every day? You're slacking? The towel holders look great. Very resourceful. Just might start a trend such as horizontal paper towel holders - like we had a few decades ago.
What really made me laugh is you say you were wiped out so you put on work clothes and went to work!

JR said...

I can't wait to see you on the Oscars!

May Total: 20 Coins P (4), N (4), D (7), Q (5) =$2.19

You beat my maximum for October 2012: 61 Coins P (20), N (6), D (17), Q (18) =$6.70

Thanks for all the help Friday.