Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Sunflower Smiles

 Currently the Penny Palace front yard and Grand Room are decorated with Sunflowers and ladybugs.  The décor looks so cheerful and brings Joy to people passing by.



Tonight a local artist center was holding a 2 hour workshop on painting sunflowers!!!  That caught my eye.  I had never tried canvas painting and was nervous, yet curious to try it.  Yesterday I was lamenting to Doc.  “I sure wish I had a “buddy” whom I could call to do things like this with me.  His reply “Aren’t I your best buddy?”   “Yes, but I didn’t think you would want to do something like this.”  His reply “Not really, but I will because we do almost everything together!”


It’s pretty intimidating to start with a blank canvas.


Shortly after painting the blue background we realized it might be more fun if I painted a mirror image of what Doc was painting.  It would be interesting to see how well matched or different the two pieces would be.  Like handwriting, each person has unique brush strokes.


Here are our finished pieces.  What do you think?  Which is Doc’s?  Which is mine?



This was the painting created by the instructor and used to advertise the workshop.






Last week I read an article about Sunflowers.  The sunflowers have a message: they always look to the light.  As the flowers grow, the face of the flowers constantly turn to the sun in the east and follow the sun throughout the day as it moves to the west.  During the night they again turn to the east anticipating the dawn of a new day.  

We can be like the sunflower – always anticipating the light of tomorrow.




marthanne said...

Yours is the one closest to Doc?
Nice message.

Unknown said...

The marriage that can paint together stays together! Love the sunflowers. said...

Awe I love the kissing sunflowers :-) What a great idea!!!

Marilyn&Bill said...

Love these joyful flowers!!! You two mirror well!

Anonymous said...

Doc on the right. Both of you are sunshine. We are the flowers. Thanks for your light!

Chaz said...

Tina, I was just writing a comment to your last post with the amazing sunflower display and paintings… When the computer shut off because we lost power here. But I was listening to the radio and you won’t believe what came on at that moment: Pennies from Heaven by Louie Prima!

The yard displays are cheerful and colorful, as usual. But the paintings - they are amazing! Not only are they beautiful aesthetically, they carry deeper meaning. I was delighted to read you went to an art class, and then heartwarmed that Doc joined you for your support. But who knew - he's as much an artist as you are. Both styles are so alike that it simply proves you really “get” each other. I'm glad you painted mirror images, because framing both and hanging side by side - either close, symmetrically, or far apart assymmetrically - that will be a wonderful wall piece(s).

And of course you found a meaning for life in the way flowers follow the sun. Why am I not surprised you always are so profound?

I am really glad you took that class together. But you guys sure do make a mess on the floor!