Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Dirt Hauling

 Today is our 39th Wedding Anniversary, so we are beginning to "pretty up" an unattractive and unkept area of the yard where the air conditioners and some debris reside. 

Doc says we should go out for dinner or do something special - I say we are doing something special!  We are creating a beautiful area which will last a lot longer than a meal which will shortly turn into  SH__.  Now I am emailing to our friends in order to SHARE our Anniversary evening and JOY with them.  


Can't get any better than that!


QUIZ:  If given a choice for an 'Anniversary Date', which would YOU choose?  Spending $50-$60 on some fancy dinner or spending $30 on a load of dirt?  We chose DIRT!

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