Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Impromptu Tour

Before starting today’s Tale, I’ll just share with you one “Joy Encounter” from yesterday.  It was near sunset as I was taking the garbage cans out to the street.  Two ladies walking past the house said how much they enjoyed the Rainbow Bridge mailbox display a few months ago.  They also said the front yard of the Penny Palace inspired them to do something similar at their homes.  Joy is Infectious!


Now for today…

Today was one of those “try to cram a dozen stops into six hours” kind of days and it was very warm outside as well.  I came home exhausted.  Around 6 p.m. Doc called and said he would be home around 7:30; we should plan to have dinner together.

Around 6:30 the front doorbell rang.  I was busy in my office on a special project and did not want to be disturbed.  I planned to ignore the bell.  The “Nudging” said to go to the door.  I argued that it would likely be a sales vendor and I did not want to waste my time.  I tried to ignore the “Nudging”, but could not.

There were two ladies at the door trying to arrange appointments for solar panel presentations.  I told them we already had a solar system and thought that was the end of the conversation.  Not the case.

One of the ladies said, “we are offering $50 Gift Cards for any referrals, but I guess $50 might not mean that much for persons like you with a house like this….”

Talk about an invitation to SHARE!   My reply: “Actually EVERY PENNY MAKES A DIFFERENCE and this is why….”

I felt ‘nudged’  to set aside what I had been doing and invite these total strangers into the house.  If SPIRIT wants to use the Penny Palace for His special meetings, I sure wish He would give me a little notice first!  It’s embarrassing to conduct these impromptu “Joy Encounters” while standing there with holes in my socks, dirty dishes on the counters, laundry piles sorted on the floor, etc.

I invited the two ladies into the house to SHOW them examples of miracles.  (There are dozens around the house).

I gave them a quickie tour and crammed as many “COINcidence” stories as I could into that encounter.  The ladies each repeatedly said, “You don’t know how I needed to hear this today.”  “You have inspired me”. “We were sent to your house for a reason”.  “This was meant to happen”.

Turns out each of the ladies currently has some challenges going on in their lives.  There were tears shed a few times.  The encounter ended JOYfully with a few moments of prayer for strength and wisdom to get through their situations.

The Penny Palace continues to reach people in a special way.

Reminder:  When SPIRIT has a task for us, it may not always be ‘convenient’ and fit within OUR schedule.

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