Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Friday, May 30, 2014

Shady Job

For over a year Doc and I have been investigating and getting quotes for various window coverings in the Grand Room.  The sunshine is incredibly intense in that room and almost blinding at times while working at the dining table. 

Installer Daniel
We finally compromised and settled on interior roller shades.  Today Daniel came to do the installation.  He thought it would be a typical 30-minute install for two shades.  Nothing at the Penny Palace is typical!  Just getting the 24 ft. extension ladder into position took a bit of time.  The job took three times as long as Daniel expected, but he smiled and was “an Angel” throughout the process.

The motorized shades did not have the brackets as typical shades do.   Good thing Doc was home.  He cut pieces of lumber and drilled holes in those to work as support members.  (He is an Angel too).   All we needed were EIGHT 4” screws.  No problem.  We went to look at our supply in the garage.  Rats!  Last weekend we left our boxes of screws at the cabin where we were screwing around on the decks.  We managed to find only TWO wayward screws.

Angel Delivery
I was planning to drive to the hardware store for more screws, but that would take at least 30 minutes.  I was nudged to call Neighbor Craig.  I asked if he had TEN 4” screws.  (I figured a few extra just in case we needed them).  Craig said he would check in his garage and call me right back.  A few minutes later the doorbell rang.  It was “Angel” Craig with his outstretched hands saying, “These are the only SIX 4” screws I could find.”    His SIX, plus our TWO made for EXACTLY the Eight we needed!


Be Thankful for Angels on Earth.  J

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Chaz DeSimone said...

I had motorized vertical blinds in my apartment once. Not because they were several feet off the ground, but because I was too lazy to walk 3 feet. But it was cool pressing buttons to open, close and turn them. In fact, I had everything remote controlled in that bachelor pad--lights, sound system, even the cat (just run the can opener).
Amazing about the exact 8 screws. But seems it's the norm rather than the exception with the Penny Palace. Enjoy your shades and shade.