Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Pocket Cash

Recently my friend M.V. was at our house.  She asked what had been happening since I last saw her. 

I was running late and did not have time to chat.   The ‘Nudging’ said to tell M.V. about the Ice Cream Social.  (See story from Friday, November 13th).   I argued back, “I am in a hurry”.  It didn’t matter to The Nudging.  “Take Time and share the story”.  So I told M.V. about the activities at the Ice Cream Social.  She seemed very interested in the Giving Game.

Summary:  A family with six children came over for ice cream and an evening of Thankfulness.  Each child was given $50 to play the Giving Game.  First step: at least $5 (10%) of their “earnings” had to be given to help others.   (Charity/Tithing)  They were able to choose from photos off a Poster Board ($25 for chickens, $16 for soccer balls $21 for a bed bug net, etc.)  They each chose gifts for international children.


I walked away to take a quick shower.  By now I was running REALLY late.  Before I could leave the room, M.V. insisted I come back and talk to her.  Uhhh, “No. I am already late!”  She insisted again.  She did not request that I talk to her, she demanded it!


M.V. explained to me…  I found some dollars in my apron pocket and have been asking God what I am supposed to do with it.  I have been instructed to give it to those children you just told me about.  Also, please take my wages from today and give that to them as well.


Keep in mind that M.V. is NOT well-to-do.  She cleans houses.  She has lost many of her clients this year due to COVID restrictions and does not have “excess”.  I told her SHE needed those dollars to pay her bills.  She argued that she was “instructed” to give these dollars as a gift to some children.

I went off and took my shower.  While the water was running, I was asking for guidance as to HOW best to forward her gift.  Should I mail a check to the family or what?  The answer was to “take it to the kids – and DOUBLE what they lovingly gave in the Giving Game.  Show them how when they are generous, it will come back to them.”


I got out of the shower excited to ask M.V. what she thought about the “Double Back” idea.  She said while I was in the shower, she heard the word “DOUBLE” in her mind.  COINcidence?? 


M.V. asked how many kids were in the family.  I told her 4 boys and 2 girls.  Her eyes widened as she said, “THAT is how many kids were in my family!  We did not have much at Christmas time when we came to the U.S.  How great that I can give these kids something for THEIR Christmas.”     COINcidence or what?


What a Great Lesson for the kids (and for the rest of us as well).  Give and Ye Shall Receive.


Right now the whole family is in a 14 day COVID quarantine.  (A co-worker of the mom tested positive, so they are being cautious).  I can’t wait to see them all again, share this story, and give them their “Return on Investment”.  


LG said...

That's how God works - wonderful story. Merry Christmas to you, the family and to M.V.

Leslie Riley said...

This had me welling up with tears. Beautiful all around!!!