Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Choosing Your Focus

Doc had a knee replacement three weeks ago.  He has really been improving in the past few days. Today Doc was arguing that some “Football Therapy” would accelerate his healing even more!  He had his recliner, his TV remote controller, canine companions, and a bag of Twisties. (These are the Australian equivalent of U.S. Cheetos).  The bag was hand-carried from Australia by a dear friend to aid Doc in his recovery process.

Thought for Today:  Note that in the photo you see a happy Doc, doggies, plants, family photos, memory albums, the Super Bowl game, a bottle of drinking water, etc..  All items giving off positive energy.  The camera (we) have chosen to focus on those.  What you don’t see (what we are NOT focusing on) is the fact that one of the dogs threw up right next to my foot as I was taking the photo, the igloo machine next to Doc’s chair for icing his leg, the fridge which is pulled out into the kitchen with the ice maker yanked out because it would not shut off and was spewing water, and the peebottle next to Doc’s chair. LOL.  Today was a good lesson on “choosing your focus points”.

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