Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Chicken Soup

This evening I attended an Energy and Breath session at the nearby Salt Oasis.  During the session while in deep relaxation, my thoughts wandered to Chicken Soup?!?!?!  The thought kept coming back: “Wouldn’t some chicken soup be good tonight?”

Yesterday a neighbor had mentioned how tasty the chicken soup was at a local café, so I considered trying it.  After class I looked at my watch and realized it was after 9 p.m. so the café would be closed.  Rats!

I drove home figuring perhaps I would open a can of soup.  I walked through the door and the first thing Doc said to me was:  “Are you hungry?  Son Stevie will be here any minute with some homemade chicken soup!”  No way!  Seriously?

Stevie appeared within minutes.  He said his wife had made chicken soup earlier this evening.  Steve began putting the soup away, but was “nudged” instead to call Doc and I to see if we wanted it!

Would you call that Manifesting?  Coincidence?  Answer to Prayer?  Or just very loud thinking?


Anonymous said...

It is amazing... God loves you.

Chaz DeSimone said...

To quote an old AmperArt title, "Few & Far Between" - that's your newsletters these days, so when I saw it pop up I anxiously opened it with a warm heart.

Your story is quite amazing about the chicken soup, especially home-made by your son. But coincidence? Loud thinking? was your stomach growling louder than a barn full of hens.

Unknown said...

Your word is your wand. You spoke it into existence .