Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

People Training

Hi Folks-

It’s mee, Liesel.  It has bin tree munths sins I last wrot to U.  My adoptive sister Sheila and I have pretty much taken control of dee Pennee Palas.  We are now in charge and keep Mr. Doc and Ms. Tina bizee wid takin’ gud care of us.

Aren’t I gud lookin’?  I was a scrawnee young whippersnapper when I furst got here.  Now I am a lean mean racing machine.  Wee bin eatin reel gud, dashing thru dee house and yards, and getting lots of training treats.

Look!  Wee even have our own day bed.  Dat is cauz wee like to work on our tans in dee dog yard, but dee concrete was too hard for us and dee artificial turf was too dirty.  So Ms. Tina got us dis bed for lounging.  Plus, we can keep our eyes on dee neighborhood and street to make shur our hous is safe.

Today was dee Final Test for dee six week training class Sheila and mee have been going to.  Sheila does everyting Mr. Doc tells her to do.  She walks, she sits, she lays, she stays, she comes.  She is such a show off and of course, “Daddy’s Little Girl”.

Der were four canines and der peoples in our training class. Sheila was dee first one to take her exam tonight, so Mr. Doc says “Sheila Finished First in her class”. 

I was dee last one to take dee exam.  Ms. Tina and I have been training for six weeks now.  It’s so funee when Ms. Tina makes all sorts of faces and noises to try to git me to understand her.  Of course I know exactly what she wants me to do.  I’m not stupid!  But I got other tings on my mind.  Der are leaves to attack, bugs to chase, smells to investigate.  Why ever would I want to jest sit still or lay down?

I tink dee teacher Miss Barbie liked ME dee best in the class!  She told dee other three dogs dat dey could move on to a new teacher.  She must not like them so much.  She wants ME to come back next month and bee wid her for another six weeks.

Good Night
OK.  It’s bin a very long, hot day and wee need our beauty sleep.
Good Night!

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Unknown said...

Congratulations graduates! With all the stuff your Mommie and daddie have been doing, how do they find time for puppy training too!!! They are very lucky to have your happy spirits roaming about the house :-)