Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Norman or COINcidence?

It is two weeks from Norman’s passing and I sure miss the little monster!

This morning I went to the pet store to get dog food for Dundee and to remove Norman’s name from the mailing list.  (No more birthday cards and coupons please).

As I went through the checkout lane, I was feeling pretty somber (dismal).  I looked down and there was a penny.  YAY!  OK. That was not too surprising.

There was a customer waiting to speak with the cashier.  She noticed my necklace  (Norman’s dog tag) and commented on it.  I was not in a mood to chat and merely said “thanks” as I began walking away.  Then came that dreaded “nudging”.  I stepped back and asked the customer, the cashier and the man behind me if they would like to hear a neat story?  I briefly shared with them how Norman came home for just a few minutes in order to depart from the dream house which he helped build.  Then I told of Norman’s JOY when the Angels and Sparky came to help him cross over.  It was merely a few moments of sharing between strangers, but they truly seemed to appreciate hearing Norman’s story.

By the time I got to my pickup truck I was bawling.  Rivers of tears were flowing.  I unlocked my door, but just stood there unable to do anything but cry and blow my nose.  I looked down and there was a bright shiny penny next to my foot!  Remember that single shiny penny found the day that Norman crossed?

Was that second penny merely a COINcidence?  Or a hello from Norman to comfort me at that precise moment when I needed it?

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