Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Friday, March 13, 2015


I had not been out for a walk around the neighborhood in months.  For the past few days I planned to get out there this morning at promptly 8 a.m.  I kept procrastinating and finding one chore after another to do before heading out.  Doc advises me to carry a walking stick (recently there have been coyote and mountain lions in neighboring yards), but I hate having things to carry.  I just want to walk and have some quiet time.  Thankfully this morning my hands were free to carry an Unexpected Passenger

PLEASE Help Me Find Home
This morning I was almost home when I spotted a little brown Chihuahua mix.  She was running scared.  The high winds were causing signs and other things to make frightening noises.  I followed her along and tried various ways to get close to her.  She would not let me get anywhere close to her.  Finally I said to the Angels, “Look.  YOU are going to need to work with her from Your direction.  She is not cooperating with me.  I do not want her to get hit by a car or become coyote bait.  Please help me Connect with Her!”  Within one minute, Tootsie was in my arms!  COINcidence that I should have been out walking at that time and not the original time I had planned?

I took Tootsie home and posted a Dog Found notice on the Neighborhood social Media. Within 60 seconds, a man called to say his female Chihuahua had been missing since yesterday.  He was elated!!  I asked him to identify his pet.  “Brown, female, no collar, name of ‘Brownie’”.  Tootsie was not his little dog.  We were both so disappointed.   The good news is that within a few hours he wrote back to say Brownie was home and safe.  A neighbor had sheltered her.

Just before 1 p.m. the House Phone rang.  I was hoping it was for Tootsie.  It was!  Tootsie’s Special Person, Brooks, was elated that Tootsie was found and was safe.  I assured him that she had been fed, watered, walked several times, and hugged.  He was thrilled.

Remember that theme of “Connections”?  Some yardworkers had seen me pick up the dog and a lady pushing a stroller had also seen me.  Thus, as Brooks was searching for Tootsie, at least he knew she was not coyote bait.

There is so much more to the story.  Brooks came to the Penny Palace and in the few moments he was there, so many interesting COINcidences emerged.  Everything from his upcoming travel to Dubai, to his desire to create an international décor for his training room.

Tootsie and Her Person were ReUnited!  It was such fun to witness the JOY!

Interesting to note:   I wasn’t far off with my concern about Tootsie being coyote bait.  Turns out that she had been attacked by a coyote a few years ago and miraculously survived!

Lessons:  ANYONE can help bring JOY to someone else just by being alert and by caring.

And, of course, believe in COINcidences!

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Chaz said...

Tina, this is ONE OF YOUR BEST STORIES. Two reunites in one day, plus a special new friend. Doesnt get much better.