Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Thursday, April 25, 2013


This afternoon I visited the local Post Office to investigate the options for getting our 3-ring notebook of documents from my house to Sasha in Russia within 2 weeks.  I was quoted the prices and it was suggested that I keep the weight under 4 lbs. and in a box with roughly certain dimensions.

My "conversation" on the way home (out loud) with the Angels was "It is 3 miles from this post office to home, with no stores between here and there.  I do not have time tomorrow to search for the right sized box.  Please provide the box for me on my way home right now."

I was "nudged" to go down a certain street of houses.  One of the neighbors had his garage door slightly rolled up and I could see his legs, so I stopped.  He asked why I was there?  I replied, "I was nudged to stop here for a box".  He looked around and found 2 or 3 boxes which were way too large.  Then he found a good sized box with much writing on it.  He cleverly cut the box, turned it inside out, taped it back together and handed it to me along with his blessing of the Sasha project.

Needless to say when I brought the box home, it 'fit like a glove' around the precious notebook.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, not only did that turn out perfect for you, but I just learned how to make a box look brand new. Clever neighbor.