Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


For five days I have not left the Penny Palace and thus, no Penny Finding. Saturday and Sunday October 13th and 14th were two days of Celebrations.  Dozens and dozens of people visited and added their JOY to the home.  I spent the three subsequent days dealing with the aftermath of the Celebrations.  There was the rental equipment company to work with, trash to haul, nine loads of laundry, housecleaning, emails from people who did attend and messages from those who could not.  There were bills to pay, rental property work to catch up with, the sale of the Pomona house to work on and other things.  There are still gifts to unwrap and thank you notes to write.

It is fitting that the 1,393 Days of Consecutive Penny Finding end with such a Grand Finale!

What a special journey over the past few years.  What was just a bare piece of land is now a special symbol of "COINcidences".

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