Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A New Life

Foster Mommie Kathryn is sending us taunting photos of our soon-to-be children.  (Photo 1)  

She wrote, “I decided this afternoon it would be important to have cuddle time and read the Penny Palace Guidebook to the girls so they will know about their new forever home!” (Photo 2)

Currently the canines are named Leia and Dolly.  In two days they will have new names, a new home and a Forever Family with lots of loving friends and relatives.

Last Sunday when we went to meet the potential adoptees, I had already been communicating with Leia and knew we would have “mutual understanding”.  I didn’t know much about Dolly because Foster Mommie Kathryn had hoped we might take Luke.  Doc and I liked Dolly’s face, tail, size, color, personality, and alertness better than Luke’s.   All seemed good – except for her Name!  When I heard “Dolly” I just could not help thinking:   a) Dolly Parton and b) I HATE dolls.  Always have.  I just can not hear myself saying “Come Dolly”, “Here Dolly”, “I Love my little Dolly”.  Uggg!!  Gag!!!  What to do?

Dundee helped me with my Dilemma.  I was talking to Dundee about the two young ladies who were about to join the household.  I told him he should be happy – he would have his own harem!  Dundee rolled his eyes and said, “Aussie Blokes DO NOT have Harems!  They have Sheilas!”  Good On YOU Dundee! (Photo 3)   I could easily envision Doc carrying that little girl and introducing her as his “Sweet Sheila”. For me, saying “Come Sheila, Sit Sheila” would be okay.

I looked up “Sheila” on a few websites and the definitions were generally: A Casual word for woman or a young female.

That made me think about Leia.  She was given that name a month ago because the movie Star Wars had just been released when she was rescued from the shelter.  It wasn’t necessarily indicative of her personality.  I prefer a name for her which is more characteristic of her uniqueness as well as her German heritage.  After getting ideas from Leia’s Foster Mommie and searching hundreds of names on line, I settled on Liesel.

For you readers who are super-driven, inquisitive and dog lovers, read on.  The general readers can quit at this point.
The following is additional insight into the chosen names as compiled from dozens of websites.

American, Latin, Celtic, Irish
Meaning: heavenly, or of the heavens

Sheilas are emotional, sensitive, intuitive, receptive, and charming -- the eternal feminine in all its glory!  They are idealistic, even utopian, and seek meaning in their lives in order to feel that they fully exist.

Sheilas are eager to please and like to be in other people’s “good books.” They aspire to beauty, art and harmony, requiring a peaceful environment as they do not tolerate conflict or violence.  They are much better suited to happiness and easy life than adversity.  They tend to be emotionally fragile and heavily influenced by other members of their family.  They would be prepared to do anything for the one they love, including self-sacrifice.  As far as they are concerned, the most important thing in life is love.  

Numerology results using the name Sheila:
They are very sensitive to the needs of others, very compassionate.   Socially conscious.  Love to feel needed.  Tend to feel most fulfilled when their hard work and efforts garner the praise and acceptance of those around them.

German, Greek, Hebrew
Meaning: My God is a Vow

Liesel is highly selective in friendship and in love. Determined, demanding and a perfectionist, she expects a lot from both her personal and professional lives, while she assumes her responsibilities in return.

She is extremely intuitive, where both people and situations are concerned, although what others call intuition or mediumship, she is happy to refer to as "flair".

Her ability to "feel" people and events could guide her to serve a constructive purpose. It really isn´t worth trying to oppose her because she is sure of her decisions and won´t understand why you don´t agree with her point of view. However, if you must object, make sure that you know what you´re talking about!

She is an attentive listener to those she loves, and has a shoulder that feels wonderful to cry on. Her parents should take particular care to ensure that she has enough self-confidence and give her a reasonable amount of responsibility from a relatively tender age.

Demanding and a perfectionist, Liesel could fluctuate in moods ranging from exquisite gentleness to the most violent of emotional outbursts. Her friends and family are extremely close to heart and she is prepared to give them plenty of her time, love and affection, although she expects much in return. "Almost" isn´t good enough for her or for the humans that she loves.

Numerology results using the name Liesel:
They are ambitious, perseverant, and goal oriented.  They are organized and focused beyond their years.  At times their inner strength will manifest as stubbornness and impatience.  This child is self-confident, creative and likes to lead.  They enjoy being innovators and will have their own unique ways to solve problems.  They are competitive by nature and feel most fulfilled when they “win” or succeed at their endeavors and are recognized for it.

Most of you know Doc and I as well as OUR personalities.  Can you guess which dog will be Doc’s Special One and which one I will deal with?




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