Penny Palace

Penny Palace

Saturday, May 25, 2013


The first surprise was the dogs waking me at 6 a.m. to go outside.  It’s a Saturday and I wanted to sleep until 7!

The next surprise was much better.  A one-sentence email from Sasha: “Hi Tina! I have received the play book !!!”  More details of that on the Sasha Blogsite. That was a great start to the day.

The next great surprise was the arrival of son Brian to help Doc install a data and weather logging system.  Doc bought that unit six months ago and the box has been just sitting in his home office.  While I was inside the house frantically searching for a needed receipt, gathering supplies, checking emails, packing gear, and changing into clothes for the party, they were outside working on the system. 

I was very surprised when I walked out the door to load gear into my truck.  Doc and Brian had mounted a horrible looking 2x4 raw piece of lumber to the side of our beautiful arbor!  And it projected at least 4 ft. above the arbor!  I wistfully asked if perhaps they were joking and doing that to “pull my chain”.  They were not.  It was the easiest and most logical place to mount the pole.  I was supposed to be leaving for the Surprise Luncheon (which I had organized). I was torn!  I needed to be on time to the restaurant, yet I could NOT let those two guys continue with their installation in that location.  I needed their cooperation and understanding before I could leave!  They found a second location and began installing there.  That would be right in front of a window and hide my raccoon as well. Not aesthetically pleasing there either!  We finally settled on Location #3 and I was on my way to the Luncheon.

I stopped to pick up balloons for the Surprise 50th Birthday luncheon.  I was totally frazzled and the brain was on last minute details:  “Did I have the Special Menu?  What about all the gear for the park? etc.”  I hopped out of the truck and almost stepped on a penny. Surprise!  I had not even thought about coins today. It was if the Angels were saying, “Relax!  All will go well”.

I arrived at the restaurant, went over final details with the manager, then went to a nearby store to hide until JJ’s expected noon arrival.  Just moments before noon, my phone rang and my heart jumped. I was expecting JJ’s wife to say they were seated and ready.  Surprise!  Instead it was one of my renters saying that her kitchen faucet needed fixing ASAP.  I told her it would have to wait a few hours and I could not talk to her at that moment.

For the next 30 minutes I watched every car that came into that shopping center. Finally my friends arrived.  Whew!  Two restaurant hostesses assisted me by bringing in the balloons and taking a photo after I surprised JJ by acting as a waitress saying “Perhaps you would like to order from our special Birthday Menu?”  He was definitely surprised. 

There were numerous other minor surprises: 
=    Brian and Doc washing the 38 Chevy (it has collected dust for several years)
=    A new battery and test run of the car to get it ready for Sasha’s arrival (it has not moved in a year)
=    Doc’s brother calling to say it is time to sell their parents’ house.

Each day is such an exciting adventure (or compilation of several).  How could anyone say life is boring?  LOL

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